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Street MOB Clothing (SMC) is a homegrown Singapore street-wear label that carries an array of customized apparel and accessories. Our design collections are greatly inspired by the elements of everyday life because our team firmly feels that we are all hustlers in our own fields and strongly believes that the right to pursue our dreams passionately lies within our hands. Our philosophy is to create apparel for the people, by the people - we aim to stay relatable to people’s life experiences while providing comfort and style through the use of high-quality materials.

Our collections are the perfect gift for yourself, your family, or your friends. It's the gift that gives back! Make Street MOB Clothing your favorite street-wear gift. You shop, we donate!

About the LOGO

Inspired by the roof of the traditional Batak houses in Indonesia. The Batak tribes were known as fierce warriors. Thus the logo is designed by taking inspiration from the bold and unique design of their building. With 3 primary colours, with each colour representing a value and principle.


This is the colour of our bone.

Regardless of race or religion,

our bone will remain white.

We should see ourselves beyond our skin colour

and unite as one race, HUMAN.


This is the colour of our blood.

Although we share the same colour,

we do still have different types. O, A, B, AB. +/-,

it is what makes us uniquely different from each other.

However, not every type can be used to help one another.

Find YOUR TYPE! And excel together!



That's the colour of our shadow.

When there is light, it'll be with us.

But without light, it'll disappear.

Stay in the light. Always do what's right!

A portion of our profits will be donated to local welfare homes in Singapore.



To be the people's favorite choice of street-wear

gift and their way of helping others in need.



To design apparel that relates to the people's

sentiments using quality materials, through which

the returns made will help the people.


Core Values

Strive for success in all that we do

Meaningful for the thinking generation

Care for the people

Contact Us

Get in touch with us via our email at or leave us a message on our FaceBook or Instagram and we'll get back to you shortly.

Sponsor Us

All sponsorship will be used for operational expenses. Help us to reach out more so that we can do more. You can sponsor us via

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